The three breathings

With a bowl, ring the bowl three times, 15 seconds apart, and direct your attention to the bell.

To return to his body / To become aware of his emotions / To stop the rumination factory: the three breaths

Public: all public

Subject: return to body sounds. Let go. Become aware of his emotions. Stop the rumination factory. Breathe. Subside. Invite the vacuum in itself.

Conditions: have something that sounds: a gong, a Tibetan bowl, a bell, a ringtone with a nice sound.

Routing: At any time, the ringing may be sound by a person who feels the need to stop during a moment. She gets up or goes towards the bowl, and makes it sounds a first time, she waits for the end of the bell, then three times.
The eyes are closed.
Concentration is directed towards breathing, the belly is lifted and lowered. A hand can be placed on the belly to help feel the belly that is lifting and lowering. The eyes re-open when the sound is not heard at all anymore.

According to Thich Nhat Hanh

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