The metaphore of the frog

Using the metaphor of the frog according to Eline Snel

Understanding your emotions: metaphors : For children from 3 to 12 years old.

Purpose : To understand meditation and its applications. Introduction to the first session in order to improve its concentration, react less impulsively, exert influence on its inner world.

Conditions : To learn to sit with the attention of the frog, you just need a quiet place for you and your child, a place where you will not be disturbed.
When doing this exercise, it is best that you inform the other members of the family so that they can leave it alone for the duration of the exercise.

Unfold :
"The frog is a curious animal. She can make huge jumps, but she can also remain very quiet. She notices everything that happens around her, but she does not react every time.
She breathes and stays quiet. Like this, the frog does not get tired and does not allow himself to be carried away by all sorts of ideas that pass through his head. She remains calm. She is completely calm as she breathes. His belly swells and deflates, he goes and he comes.
What a frog can do, we can. The only thing you need is to be careful, watch your breathing. It takes attention and calm. "

The metaphore of the frog

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