the clear messages or how to deal with conflict by myself as a child

Promoted in Quebec by Danielle Jasmin, in Freinet's pedagogical movement, the clear message allows the child to express his emotions, to calm down and to find a solution to the conflict.

This is an educational objective published by the French Ministry of Education.

This method allows children to better understand conflict, avoid conflict, and avoid soliciting the help of an adult. Children learn to express themselves and find solutions among themselves, withoutthe help of a judge.

For example, Jade got hooded by Benjamin in the playground. Jade was afraid.

Jade is going to propose to Benjamin to make a clear message that this one does not have the right to refuse. (These are the rules of the clear message) In case he refuses, Jade can ask for support from an adult.

Jade will say this:

Jade: "Benjamin, I would like to make a clear message to you, I did not like you to pull me the hood just now in the courtyard because I was afraid to fall back and make fun of me. I ask you not to do it again, do you understand? "

Benjamin should rephrase: "I understood that you were afraid and that we laugh at you, I will not start again"

The clear message allows one to say one's emotions without accusing the other. The child learns to express his emotions. This gives him the opportunity to be heard in his suffering and to be recognized. It opens the dialogue.

By transmitting clear messages to all facilitators, teachers and staff working with children (service agents, restorers) as soon as possible (kindergarten), the expression of the child is promoted, which, by expressing their emotions, will evolve more easily In life and learn to find solutions when they face difficulties.

After the teachers' meeting on the educational project project, the instructions and uses of a clear message were transmitted to the whole staff, who, using examples, can help and encourage their implementation.

Increasingly in the yard, we begin to hear children practicing this exercise.

We find that it is more delicate with Cycles 3, hence the importance of making this learning the sooner.

By Vincent-Jean Terrienne

the clear messages

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