The ball of compliments

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from Eline Snel, Sitting still like a frog

Developing empathy: using compliments
The ball of compliments

Public: For children from 3 to 12 years old.

Purpose: to have self-confidence and trust in others. Open mind. Living together without judgment.
Become aware of people who love us. Know the feeling of love. Feeling valued. Hearing its value.

Conditions: with a child, several children, the whole family, the whole class the teacher included.

Rollover: A circle is formed by the group of people. A person holds a balloon in their hands. The first child holds the ball in his hands, he cites the name of the person and says by sending the ball: "I am very happy when you listen to what I have to say when we are angry. "
The other replies "Thank you very much".
The next child thinks for a moment and sends it to another child or an adult.

Expected effects: children AND adults notice the positive more, they notice it more and they express it to others.
the ball of compliments

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