Schoolwork and exams

Hi…I’m Karen and I have 3 wonderful sons. At the moment, they are all going through the usual teenage troubles and I began to feel them getting more distant from me.

Hey, that’s growing up I suppose. But, my eldest son has begun to get quite stressed about his schoolwork and exams – he feels a lot of pressure is on him to do well. So, when I attended a session with Annette, she suggested some techniques that I could teach him to manage his stress. Firstly, he laughed so hard at me. He thought I was going to hypnotise him! He’s a great kid though and he said he would give it a go. He said it has made him feel calmer and he is much more aware of his breathing and his heart rate. Just a few deep breaths and some mind calming exercises seems to have helped him to manage some of those negative thoughts and feelings. Thanks Annette!

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