I come from Mars

Using senses for being attentive

Practice attention, feel your tastes: I come from March. (regarding Eline Snel pratices)

Public: all public, in family, in class, with adults.

Purpose: To use your senses to be attentive. To feel without judgment and without interpretation, without desire and without expectation.

Conditions: a package of raisins. Calm. Cleaned hands for everyone.

Imagine that you come from the planet Mars. You do not know anything about our planet. You've never seen a tree, a car, a school, a house ... You don't even know how these people behave.
Now, close your eyes and open your hands to receive something from me. You are from the planet Mars and you do not know what you have in hand. Please, don't look at it.
Feel what is the matter between your fingers? Is it hard? Is it soft? Does that stick? Put it near your ear. Do you hear anything? Does it make noise? Now, carry it to your nose. Do you feel something? Is it acidic? Sweet? ... Now you can put it in your mouth. Without chewing it. Roll it in your mouth and try to feel the texture of this thing. Is it soft, crumpled? Pleasant? Do you felle different flavours reagding the place it is in your mouth? You will put it under your teeth, without chewing it and then put it under your front teeth, and then press hard and try to feel what is going on. Is there a juice? How is it in your mouth? And finally you can swallow it. And open your eyes.
Participants can speak throughout the exercise. Then, talk with the participants about what they experienced, how they felt, how they felt during the trip ...

Expected effects: Some children can swallow the grapes from the start, it does not matter, expect more and give them a new grape.

I come from March

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