The EMP:PATH practices is a space in where you can find the practices that we have used in the local workshops in Austria, Italy, France and the UK, hosted by LIMINA, CPP, L’Ydille Lang and Plymouth and District Mind Association and the partners they are working with at local level. If you want to share your experience or to be involved in our activities, please contact the partners directly or enrol under CONTACT. Enjoy! the EMP:PATH team

Achtsam essen

Absicht: Eine achtsame Haltung zum Essen zu kultivieren; den Forscher-und Anfängergeist stärken.

Für wen: Eltern und Kinder ab 3

Dauer: 15-20 Minuten

Material: Eine Rosine oder Erdbeere oder Mandarine oder ... etwas zum Essen was man gut für ein paar Minuten in der Hand halten kann.

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Der Familienkreis

Absicht: Die Kultur der achtsamen Kommunikation in der Familie zu stärken.

Für wen: Eltern und Kinder

Dauer: 30-45 Minuten

Material: Einen schönen Redegegenstand (kann alles sein was man gut in der Hand halten kann; vielleicht etwas, das für alle in der Familie eine Bedeutung hat), eine Kerze und eine Klangschale.Read the full article...

The family bear massage


Listen to his body: the family bear massage.

Public : from 2 years to 8 years. In family, in class.

Purpose : experience the experience of touching each other. Interact with others in different ways. Respect the other. Respect its body. Know your body. Develop empathy.

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I come from March


Practice attention, feel your tastes: I come from March. (regarding Eline Snel pratices)

Public: all public, in family, in class, with adults.

Purpose: To use your senses to be attentive. To feel without judgment and without interpretation, without desire and without expectation.

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