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Sitting like a mountain

What are the qualities of a mountain that are useful in parenting?

Choosing well-being

What are your sources for wellbeing as a parent?

Collecting gratitude

How many beautiful moments did you experience today as a parent?

It is all about perspective

Put yourself from time to time into the shoes of your kids.

Mindful Compassionate Parenting – 10 weeks online course

From the comfort of our home, you can now tae part in the 10 weeks online course on Mindful Compassionate Parenting, based on the proven and well-known concept of Jörg Mangold – child and adolescent psychiatric, mindfulness teacher and author of the book ” Wir Eltern sind auch nur Menschen!”

Being fully present

Have you played today already with your child(ren) – being fully present?

Does perfect parenting exist?

Being compassionate with one’s imperfections as parents brings lightness into our days!

Moments of contemplation

Have you noticed today already the beauty in your children? 

Effect of stress

Stress creates distance between us and our kids