Calming down

Sue (not her real name) came to one of our workshops. She has 1 child, aged 13 months, and she is under a care order (that means she is under scrutiny from the social services). Sue has had a very tough childhood and she was put in care when she was 7 when her mother died from a heroin overdose.

Sue has mental health issues and has appalling self-confidence and self-esteem. Sue is struggling with looking after her daughter because she gets very agitated when she cries. Sue worries that she is doing everything wrong all the time. It was noted that Sue was one of the most anxious people our organisation had ever supported. Paula (staff) did 8 intensive 1:1 mindfulness sessions, alongside cognitive behaviour therapy. Sue learned how to listen to her breathing and find her 'mindful place'. She reported that she felt a lot calmer and is enjoying spending time with her daughter. There is still a lot of support work that needs to be done, but Sue has embraced some of the techniques and we are very proud of her.

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