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Plymouth Mind Offices: Plymouth & District Mind has been delivering mental health support since 1984 and is situated near the historic Freedom Fields Park.

Compassionate Mindfulness

Our contribution to the project is in the field of compassionate mindfulness. Annette Fisher is our trained Mindfulness practitioner and experienced in its delivery locally.

We work with many other organisations and networks in the area and have just connected with a .b mindfulness practitioner at Plymstock School, who is involved in the EMP:PATH partnership training and meeting in Plymouth 12-18 Feb 2017.

As part of our involvement with the EMP:PATH project, we will be working with 2 groups to share mindful parenting techniques and learning. With the permission of both groups, we will be collecting case-studies on the journey that some of these mothers will take in their journey as parents.

New Mums Connect

This is postnatal wellbeing support group for Mums with babies that are under 10 months old, particularly those who are showing signs of a low mood, worried, anxious or who do not have someone to talk openly with or who may also show signs of poor attachment with their baby.  The mums have a coffee and share how they are feeling in a non-judgemental, supportive and confidential environment. It is peer support led but facilitated by two mums who have had appropriate peer support and volunteer training. Many mums come following a referral or suggestions from GP’s, Midwives and Health Visitors but also because they have heard of the group.  The group works together to help each other develop their self-compassion and in turn enhance their understanding and knowledge of how they can be mindful in their parenting. They come in with worries and leave feeling better because they can share them with other Mums who often feel the same.

Young Mums Project

This is a 6 week course for young mothers who have had a difficult start in life and are struggling to parent and attach to their babies. The project will introduce mindfulness based self-compassion to the parents and support them to include this in their everyday practice.

Please contact Annette Fisher for full details of our Mindfulness workshops:

EL: 01752 512280