L’Ydille Lang – France

L'Ydille Lang : a space for training and experiencing in intercultural, personal and sustainable development. Living life as a Whole.

Evolving in a space comprising the whole and the parts in its immutable movement and change.

Enabling self-improvement, willingness, good faith in order to strive towards individual and social education by maintaining just relations with others, by self-fulfillment.

To help in the management of emotions, to listen to benevolence, to dialogue through a benevolent communication, to educate to the social peace. By extension, promote peace by educating to the interaction of different societies and development methods.  

To transmit knowledge in order to build responsible men, who take their actions and consciousness of their individual responsibilities in the respect of human rights.   Promote rigor, encourage exchange in order to build active Men capable of commitment.  

Protecting nature in favor of education for sustainable development: the right to a healthy and sustainable environment. In order to consider an economic development depending on the cost of it for the Planet.  

To promote tolerance and justice in order to combat racism, injustice and intolerance in order to move towards education for global citizenship by meeting different lifestyles and behaviors on the planet. Analyze our interaction with other cultures, societies or social groups.

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