The family bear massage


Listen to his body: the family bear massage.

Public : from 2 years to 8 years. In family, in class.

Purpose : experience the experience of touching each other. Interact with others in different ways. Respect the other. Respect its body. Know your body. Develop empathy.

Conditions : a secured and safe environment.

Unfold :
Participants put themselves behind each other, in caterpillars or in pairs.

They first ask the other personn if she wants to be touched. And then, the developpment is as under :

They begin with the lower back, imitating the little bear baby feet with their fingers along the mussles. This baby bear goes back up along the spine with his little feet and he would like to grab the honey jar on top of that dear participant's head. But arrived within a few inches of this jar of honey, ah, he slides down from the head to the bottom of the back, hands flat, along the spine.
It is then mom bear that restarts with steps a little more stronger walk on the edge of the spine, but she does not succeed either, she comes back down of the back of the child.
Papa bear also tries and goes up to the top, but he manages to grab the pot of honey, puts it in his backpack, and he goes down with his hands flat, and shares it with everyone.

This story should be told by the adult while doing the massage.

the family bear massage

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